TPS Professional Development Providers Institute 

A free online course for professional development providers and education faculty.

TPS Professional Development Providers Institute (PDPI) will help you plan, customize, and deliver high-quality professional development that prepares teachers to use the Library of Congress digital archives effectively. The TPS program focuses on supporting students in developing critical analysis skills and thinking like historians. PDPI supports TPS Regional Grant Project leaders and other educational professionals who lead professional development. As a final project, participants design a professional development plan to share TPS with local educators. Click on the "Events" tab above for upcoming participation opportunities.


This asynchronous online class provides educators with an overview of the digitized primary sources and teacher materials freely available through the Library of Congress web site,, as well as promising practices for their successful use in the classroom.

Individual participants independently complete six online professional development modules from the Library of Congress, reflect on, and relate learnings to individual classroom situations through an electronic Discussion Board posting. A TPS facilitator provides feedback and suggestions for expanded classroom applications and additional resources.

A Certificate of Completion will document 12 hours of continuing education. TPS: BASICS may serve as a prerequisite for advanced TPS offerings.

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