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Brown University's Historical Literacy and Local History Project: Teaching Primary Sources and Connecting to Local History through the Library of Congress emphasizes the importance of teaching Rhode Island history at all grade levels and supports strategies for the development of historical literacy skills in subjects beyond history. Through the project, in-service history educators and pre-service history, elementary, and English Master of Arts in Teaching candidates at Brown University participate in a series of professional development workshops that support their use of primary sources, technology, and Rhode Island history. Elementary student teachers receive targeted support for the development of age-appropriate historical analysis skills and activities, as a part of the MAT students' social studies curriculum. At the secondary level, workshops encourage history teachers to compare local and national history, extrapolating national themes from Rhode Island primary sources. Workshop participants develop multiple teaching tools by the end of the workshop series, which are posted on the project's website for public access, and the workshops are permanently incorporated into the coursework for MAT students at Brown in the years to come.

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