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World War I in the Trenches Lesson Plan
Creator: Jayme Pieretti, TPS Level I: Online Spring 2015 Participant

Essential/Investigative Question: How and why did trench warfare impact soldiers'physical and mental health? Students will gain an understanding of trench warfare conditions and the impact this had on soldiers through the analysis of primary sources.

American progress. 09855v

Black Education

Black Education Primary Source Set - Was the need for a black education the result of individual mind set or a group movement?

Emancipation: Effects on Individuals Lesson Plan - In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln wrote a document titled the Emancipation Proclamation. Over the course of this unit, students will explore the reason the Emancipation Proclamation was written and the effect it had on The United States and its citizens. Both primary and secondary sources will be used to explore the Emancipation Proclamation. Student Notebook Primary and Secondary Source Set 

 The first reading of the Emancipation Proclamation before the cabinet / painted by F.B. Carpenter ; engraved by A.H. Ritchie.

The old story


The Industrial Revolution primary source set focused on the guiding historical question: "What perspectives were inherent in the issues created by the Industrial Revolution and how did they lead to both reform and conflict?"

Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation primary source set focused on the guiding historical question: "Do belief systems unite or divide people? And/ or what impact did the Protestant Reformation have on the political and social aspects of European life?" 

Life of Martin Luther and heroes of the reformation! / H. Breul ; original by H. Brückner.
Scottsboro Limited / Prentiss Taylor. 

The "Red Scare": American Reaction to Communism (1930's) primary source set focused on the guiding historical question: "How did the Communist Party USA influence the early Civil Rights movement in the southern United States?" 


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