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Eastern Region Update 

Spring Edition 2018

December Edition 2017

NCSS Edition 2017

Professional Development Activities  

Lead a PD activity with your colleagues! Get inspired by professional development activities created by TPS PD Providers.

PD Activities Developed by TPS Eastern Region Participants
Chart of PD Activities Developed by TPS Consortium
TPS PD Activity Template 
PD Plan Rubric 
Coaching Activity Report

Lesson Plans

Bring primary sources into your classroom! Browse original classroom materials, including lesson and activity plans, created by TPS-Waynesburg University PD participants and organized by grade level.

Lesson Plans Developed by TPS Eastern Region Participants
Lesson Plan Template and Guidelines
Lesson Plan Rubric
Lesson Plan Implementation Report

Additional Resources



Check out some of our other projects and resources that are available to you:

Book Backdrops
Primary Source Starter Activities
Other Paricipant Projects


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