Participants Projects and Workshop Content

NHD Theme 2015: Leadership and Legacy in History
Course Agenda (Fall 2014)
Model C3 Inquiry Lesson Plan (Wendell Smith and Baseball Integration)
Model Primary Source Set (Wendell Smith and Baseball Integration)
Participant C3 Inquiry Lesson Plans 

NHD Theme 2014: Rights and Responsibilities in History
Course Agenda (Fall 2013)
Participant Thematic Primary Source Sets 

NHD Theme 2013: Turning Points in History
Course Agenda (Fall 2012)
Model Primary Source Set (Nellie Bly)
Participant Thematic Primary Source Sets 

NHD Theme 2012: Reaction, Revolution, and Reform
Course Agenda (Fall 2011 and Spring 2012)
Model Primary Source Set (Jane Addams)
Participant Thematic Primary Source Sets Spring 2012
Participant Thematic Primary Source Sets Fall 2011

Featured Participant-Developed Lesson Plans:

Daniel Silva
Lesson Plan: George Washington Crossing the Delaware
Blank Analysis Worksheets
Sample Student Work
Thematic Primary Source Set

Joyce Mason
Lesson Plan: Reaction to Increased Immigration, the Revolutions in Europe and the Legislative Reforms of the United States in the early 1900's
Thematic Primary Source Set

Karen Rosnick
Lesson Plan: Building the Vision: Photographic Impact on the Development of an Environmental Conservation Movement 
Student Definitions
Teacher Reflections

Greg Giardina
Lesson Plan: The Cherokee Removal: To what extent did the United States Government have a responsibility to serve the will of the majority even if it would violate the rights of the Cherokee?
Teacher Reflections
Student Essays
Cherokee Removal Classroom Video 

Kevin Leisten: Franklin Roosevelt's Leadership and Legacy
Lesson Plan: How did President Franklin Roosevelt provide leadership to Americans in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack?
Student Work Sample
Smartboard Presentation
Teacher Reflections

Additional Resources

November, 2014 - National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference


March, 2014 - Society for International Technology and Teacher Education Conference


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