Analysis Tools 
Library of Congress analysis tools for analyzing with primary sources.                                          

Bibliographic Organizer                                           
A chart to organize primary sources from the Library of Congress. Template

Book Backdrops                                                 
Popular children’s literature is paired with historical primary sources from the Library of Congress to extend learning across the curriculum. Linking primary sources to literature, making books more relevant, and promoting inquiry-based learning can create motivating and enriching learning experiences for students of all ages. Check out the newest ready-to-implement resources for your classroom or use these examples to create your own. Template

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Resources 
A list of CCSS resources compiled by the TPS program at Waynesburg University.

Digitized Local Historic Documents 
A collection of historic documents and images local to Waynesburg's TPS area, made available via Flickr.

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Introduction to the Library of Congress 
A PowerPoint introducing the Library of Congress

Lesson Plans 
Bring primary sources into your classroom! Browse original classroom materials, including lesson and activity plans, created by TPS-Waynesburg University PD participants and organized by grade level.

Sample Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan Template and Guidelines
Lesson Plan Review Rubric
Lesson Plan Implementation Report

Primary Source Starter Activities (PSSAs) 
Just in time to keep those “speedy” test-takers busy while others finish their work…. PSSAs are quick and easy to implement—anytime you need a filler-activity. These ready-to-implement classroom activities are perfect for quiet, independent completion. Each activity includes a student worksheet focused on an historical image as well as supplemental information for teacher use. These engaging critical thinking activities are perfect for students from upper elementary through 12th grade.

Professional Development Activities
Get inspired by professional development activities created by TPS PD Providers. 

Sample PD Activity Plans
PD Activity Template
PD Plan Review Rubric
Coaching Activity Report

Resource Manual

Thematic Resource Guides 
Topics include: African American History Month, Women's History Month and the United States Constitution

TPS Related Literature



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